Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Were the Seahawks Drafted?

by: Chris Sullivan

We answered this question last year and we're here to answer it again. The Seahawks are, like every other team in the league, made up of players from every round (duh), but in looking through the roster I discovered some interesting facts. The round with the fewest players on the squad is the fifth, which, not shockingly, has the fewest starters as well with just one (Owen Schmitt, who is of course is merely the projected starter at this point).

The Hawks have as many undrafted players on the squad as they do first and second rounders combined: 14. The difference, of course, is in starters: 10 out of 14 in the first two rounds versus five (presumptive) starters out of 14 undrafted players, including a punter.

Anyway, here's the list, presented in the most concise way I could find. Green players are starters (most likely), Orange/Yellow players are rotational guys / special teams standouts, and red players figure in as depth, primarily.

Six out of six in the second, not too shabby

So Addicts, what are your reactions to this breakdown?