Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who are the top defensive prospects?

by: Chris Sullivan 

This post on Yahoo (by National Football Post) lists the top five defensive prospects in each position. There is some definite straying from the norm. Whereas just about everyone has Brian Orakpo as the top defensive end / OLB, the NFP guys have Aaron Maybin. Now, there's a guy we haven't talked about. (Look for a "Prospect of the Day" feature on him coming soon.)

The NFP lists the top Cornerbacks as Vontae Davis, DJ Moore, Alphonso Smith, Malcolm Jenkins and Sean Smith... in reverse order. Yeah, you heard it here second, they're calling Sean Smith their number one CB this year. We've covered Sean Smith before. Top Safety in this draft? William Moore, Rashad Johnson, Patrick Chung? Nah, Troy's Sherrod Martin. 

So, get your Armchair GM Blazer on and tell me this... who are the top 5 defensive prospects in this draft? Give their name, position and school. Whichever list I like best gets an e-high-five!