Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cards to Trade Boldin

by: Michael Steffes

They are at least now taking offers, however they claim the would rather sign him to long term deal. They just don't really want to do that until 2 years from now, and Anquan probably isn't cool with that. So, the market is open.

In the short term this probably weakens the Cards. No rookie will do what Boldin could next year, and the team will certainly be affected in someway by this decision. In the long term, the team will probably become a more balanced unit, and this could help them stay competitive longer.

Hopefully the signing of TJ Houshmanzedeh will quiet the masses who used to comment and email me asking why the Hawks couldn't get Boldin. If not, let me state it again, THE CARDINALS WILL NOT TRADE A PRO BOWLER TO THE SEAHAWKS, no matter the offer. Especially when they can get equal value from a team that they don't play twice a year. They would prefer to play against Boldin as infrequently as possible.

Add this to the list of interesting draft day dramas that will be unfolding and fun to watch though. END