Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Confusion from Motown

by: Mike Parker

According to a league source, the Lions have a deal pending with Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry if things don't pan out with their supposed No.1 choice, Matt Stafford.

This report, on whoever's behalf, might be intended to pressure Stafford into signing sooner rather than later, or it could be a half-assed attempt at throwing up a smokescreen after the initial Stafford announcement was said to be "absolutely untrue." At this point, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell who's going to sign where, who's got an ace up their sleeve and who's calling a colossal bluff.

This draft is quickly turning into a poker game between GMs and owners. Is Curry really going to be picked No.1 overall? Can Detroit really pass up on a QB prospect like Stafford? If Curry is off the board, do the Hawks take Crabtree? Are we going to trade down? Is Al Davis going to turn into a sea monster and eat Roger Goodell on national television? Will BJ Raji punch someone in the face? These are things I need to know!! Is it Saturday yet?! AAAH!! END