Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rang's Bold Predictions Shed Light on Seahawks...Kind Of

by: Michael Steffes

Favorite draftnik and devoted Seahawk fan Rob Rang, working for NFL Draft Scout with Chad Reuter, has teamed up with Reuter to pen an interesting piece heading into this weekend. They have made several "Bold Predictions" for Saturday, and there is plenty that would dramatically affect the Seahawks.

In essence, here lie the answers to all the important questions, such as will the Hawks have a chance at Aaron Curry?

Considered by many to be the draft's safest player, most believe Aaron Curry will be the first defensive player selected Saturday. Most are wrong.... The earliest Curry is going to get drafted is fourth to the Seattle Seahawks. If the Seahawks go another route with the fourth pick, some believe Curry could slip out of the top 10.[RANG]
Or, have the Hawks created true believers that they will take Sanchez, thus enticing teams to trade up to #4?
Few moments on draft day are more eagerly anticipated and generate instant intrigue than when Commissioner Roger Goodell utters the famous phrase, "There has been a trade." The commissioner would be wise to memorize the list of teams drafting within the top 10, however, as the general parity of talent and disproportionate contracts required for the players drafted this high will restrict teams from trading picks early.

Expect several trades throughout the second half of the first round, especially over the final 10 picks, when it isn't as expensive, both in terms of the trade value chart and player contracts. [RANG]
Is Steffes really a lunatic? Has staring at a computer too much rotted his brain? I mean really -- Beanie Wells
Chris "Beanie" Wells will be a top 10 pick. The top running back on teams' boards has been a top 10 pick in 11 of the past 15 drafts...Seattle, Cleveland and Cincinnati at picks 4-6 worked out Wells and are seriously considering selecting him. If he slides by them, then Jacksonville, Green Bay or San Francisco might pick him to build depth in their backfields despite having greater immediate needs that they could address with their early second- or third-round picks. [REUTER]
Unfortunately, they failed to answer Gonzo's question about Al Davis turning into a sea monster, but I suspect that will be the topic of tomorrow's article. Right now I am sticking with Wells as my pick, but in truth, just like you, I have no freakin' idea what the Hawks are going to do. To me, Crabtree and Wells make the most sense, if only because this team desperately needs to be more dangerous on offense. END