Friday, April 3, 2009

Gus Bradley: CBs will play the ball

By Chris Sullivan

Gus Bradley had an interview this morning on KJR with Mitch Levy. Among the most important things that Bradley mentioned is that the Cornerbacks in our system will be playing a "Cover 2, Quarterback key" instead of a Cover 2, Man like they played last year. This means that rather than just focusing on covering their receiver, the entire secondary and the cover LBs will be watching the quarterback and being put in a position to play the ball. This requires good ball skills and speed, both of which Trufant and Wilson have. Kelly Jennings has the latter, and could still prove himself a valuable player but it's not certain he'll get that chance. Again, looking to the draft, the Hawks must love what they see in Utah CB Sean Smith who ran a forty-yard dash in the 4.4-4.5 range, is 6'4" and a converted wide receiver with excellent hands.

Bradley also reiterated that this will be an attacking defense. This will involved a lot of pressure from the front four, but also some new blitz packages. What could be better to hear as a Hawks fan? I for one am hoping that Josh Wilson becomes more involved in the blitz game, as everytime he was used last year he got pressure on the QB and altered the course of the play -- despite running right past the quarterback once or twice.