Friday, April 3, 2009

Rumor: Another Four Bite the Dust?

by: Chris Sullivan

According to, more big name players have tested positive for drugs at the combine (so did UTEP's kicker, for what it's worth). In addition to BJ Raji testing positive, Florida standout WR/RB Percy Harvin reportedly tested positive for drugs, as did Illinois CB Vontae Davis -- certain to hurt his draft stock if this ends up being true, which is a shame as it sounded like many draft boards had him above Jenkins due to his speed (some pun intended). Both USC linebackers not named Rey -- Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing -- reportedly tested positive for steroids at the Combine.

Bear in mind this is just a rumor, though it is according to "various sources including one NFL team." ProFootballTalk explained it thusly:
But since the site previously was run by John Murphy, a long-time Internet scribe who now serves as G.M. of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, we think the operation is sufficiently legit to justify at least mentioning the substance of these reports, without taking a position as to whether the information is true or false.
Isn't draft time exciting?