Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have the Seahawks Found a Trade Partner ?

by: Michael Steffes

Now that the big domino has fallen in the form of the Jay Cutler trade, the draft is just about ready to take shape.

In watching the various programs, including the NFL Network, many believe that the Broncos are not done. Both Mike Mayock and Steve Wyche believe that the Broncos will pair their two 1st rounders in an effort to move up to get Mark Sanchez. Of course, with the Seahawks' vast presence around Sanchez yesterday, the speculation is that you have to get ahead of the Hawks.

I say, why not trade with the Hawks? Clearly this would be the type of move the Seahawks have been dreaming about. Two picks in the teens instead of a top five pick -- the possibilities are endless. But, there is a snag.

Chances are Scott Pioli, an old friend of McDaniels' from New England, feels the exact same way with KC's pick at #3. He is probably more than willing to make that same deal. McDaniels might be more interested in working with KC, although they are technically a divisional rival.

Where does that leave the Hawks? Well, for one it is possible they won't even have a chance to get a top QB. If that is the case though, there will still be some quality players on the board. Of course, they wouldn't be taking a QB at 12 anyway, assuming they were interested in trading out of #4. So, as all the big offseason questions seem to come back to, how healthy is Matt Hasselbeck? Either way, there is a new level of intrigue as the draft approaches. END