Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mora Has Man-Crush on Crabtree

by: Michael Steffes

In an ESPN report by Jim Trotter on First Take this morning, they talked about the Seahawks' interest in Michael Crabtree. According to Trotter the team has done a lot of research lately on Crabtree.

Trotter said he had spoken to Mora and they might take a QB, or an OL, but Michael Crabtree is very much in play. The team made a highlight video of all the Texas Tech running plays from one game, spotlighting Crabtree.

Mora said "Crabtree was tenacious in his run blocking." Trotter then said you could see Mora getting excited about this (editor's note: is there anything this guy isn't excited about? [I didn't actually say this. -Ed.]), and it was obvious that Mora had a "man-crush" on Crabtree.

Ahhh, and the wheel keeps spinning -- but on which prospect will it finally end up?