Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Good Reading from Mini Camp

by: William P. Tomisser

Here's some good reading that has come out of the Seahawk's first minicamp of the offseason.

Eric Williams of the News-Tribune wrote this article about Gus Bradley and how he approached his first minicamp with Seattle.

Dave Boling, also of the News-Tribune, wrote about Mora and how he looked out there running the mini camp. AP sportswriter Gregg Bell also wrote about Mora and the tempo at which he ran the first mini camp as well as how Mora conducted practice in general.

Patrick Kerney warned everyone to be in shape, as he's had experience from his days playing in Atlanta with how Mora approaches practice and goes about preparing a team to play through an NFL season.

All of these articles are good reads, and if there's one thing to learn from reading them it's that these aren't Holmgren's Seahawks any longer. Everything is being run at a higher tempo, players seem to be held more accountable for their own performance, and Mora isn't letting anything slide. He seems determined to have a well-conditioned team and one that will be aggressive from the opening whistle until the final gun goes off.

As far as anyone has seen at this point, Seattle couldn't have made a better choice for a new head coach, particularly when you look at the assistants he hired to get this team fired up and ready to face the challenge of reclaiming the NFC West, although I get the impression that this team wants to go much further than that. Some of the team leaders like Tatupu feel embarrassed by what happened last year and want to atone for that performance this season.

Even though we've all said this one before, it feels like a special season coming up. Combine that with the stellar draft we all expect the team to have and Seattle should be a much improved team this year. So let's get on with it already!


Bill T