Sunday, April 12, 2009

Return of the Podcast!

by: Chris Sullivan

After a brief 5 month hiatus, the Seahawk Addicts podcast is making a valiant return! Whether this is a sustained drive or a mere one-and-done remains to be seen, but we certainly couldn't let the Draft pass without commiting our voices to audio for the faithful fans out there. 

This is a different podcast than before, however, as Rob Staton of the world-famous Seahawks Draft Blog joined us for the podcast. Michael Steffes and Rob give their takes on a number of questions plaguing the community -- will the Hawks trade down? Have our needs been met in free agency? Why does Chris smell like that? -- and, more importantly, Rob gives the latest iteration of his mock draft versus Michael's first official iteration of 2009. There's a few big surprises in each, including their picks at #4, neither of which I had seen coming. 

Be sure to check this article Rob wrote last week if you haven't yet, as it is referenced a fair amount in our discussion. 

As always, you can subscribe via iTunes, download the MP3, or just listen here... Without further ado, here is the audio: