Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sanchez on Being a Seahawk: "I think it would be great."

by: Mike Parker

Mark Sanchez made an appearance on KJR today to speak with Mitch Levy about being an NFL hopeful, as well as what he thinks of all the hype surrounding him in Seattle.

Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune reported the story, but the entire audio link is here. Basically, Sanchez had nothing but good things to say about the Seahawks - from coaches Lazor, Mora and Knapp, to the organization itself. He also commented on how the team's system would be a smooth transition from his college days.

“I’ve talked to Coach (Bill) Lazor and Coach (Greg) Knapp and Coach (Jim) Mora,” Sanchez said. “They’ve all been excited about me. They saw me work out at pro day. I visited with them quite a bit ... I mean you hear everything. I’m all over the map. And I had a great time with coach Knapp and coach Lazor. So I feel comfortable with their system, and it’s very similar to what we ran at SC so it would be a seamless transition. I think it would be great.”
So what are we to make of this interview, judging by the positive comments from Sanchez? And moreover, what are we to make of his assessment that the coaching staff is pretty high on him?

By now, even the mere possibility of taking Sanchez at No.4 is giving me a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. All signs have pointed to Hasselbeck's health being back on track, and this is a relatively weak QB class compared to the mass exodus that's expected to hit the 2010 draft (Tebow, McCoy, Bradford etc.) Why jump the gun this year? We'd essentially be using a pick on a QB whose coach came forward and said he needed another year of development before entering the draft. And let's face it, the QB of USC has historically had a comparatively easy role when looking at the entire team. The defense does the offense plenty of favors, and there's usually a supremely talented back or receiver to make things happen.

The way I see it is if Hass can play, he'll play. There's no reason to think about taking the most crucial member of a vaunted offense out of the equation unless his health is still an issue. If it is, then we haven't been hearing the truth from Knapp/Mora on the subject.

I'm sensing that Ruskell really has something up his sleeve in all this deception. Having Sanchez speak favorably of the team on the radio, bringing in Aaron Maybin for a workout, and all the while "supposed" to pick Curry or Crabtree...hmm. The final days before this draft are definitely some of the more enigmatic we've seen in Seattle for quite some time, no matter the result. -END-