Thursday, April 16, 2009

Redskins Angling for the #4 Pick

by: Michael Steffes

Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank god for Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato! Okay, I may be getting a bit too excited too quickly, but there is some evidence that the Skins, who have a documented mancrush on Mark Sanchez, have now called and put out feelers to find out what it might take to move into the Seahawks' spot. In this blog post from Jason LaCanfora of Redskins Insider we learn more about the possible asking price:

Several sources have suggested the Redskins have begun to send out feelers on what it might take to get Seattle's pick, and the Seahawks, at this stage, would likely seek two first-round picks on the high end. That was a price the Redskins were willing to pay for Chad Johnson last year and Jay Cutler a few weeks back, although neither deal was completed.
Really? Take it now, take it and don't think twice. Move down 9 spots and take next year's first? If this is on the table it should have been accepted in the time I just wrote this sentence. Synder and Cerrato are now infamous for their distaste for draft picks, so in part this makes sense. Also, because of this distaste they have fewer picks in this year's draft to offer, so throwing in next year's first makes sense. The Seahawks would devalue that pick because of the uncertainty it offers.

Anyway, this all might be a big tease, and if so then it is still worth it. The thought of getting two firsts for the #4 just made my day! How bout you, loyal Addicts? END