Friday, April 24, 2009

Seahawk Addicts 2nd Annual Draft Contest

by: Chris Sullivan

Last year, we held a contest for the exact time that the Seahawks would make their first draft pick. This year that wouldn't be quite so exciting, what with us (most likely) picking fourth. Instead, we're going to have a little mock draft contest.

Check out the NFL's mock draft tool here. Is it perfect? No, not at all, but it has the top 64 prospects and that should get you through round one (which is all we're mocking here). Once you get your mock, you'll want to join a league. Here's the information for ours:

League Name:  SeahawkAddicts2009
Password:         timruskell

Be sure to name your "entry" something like "Chris Sully's Mock" or "Merf Trout's entry."  

To the winner goes the spoils -- in this case, a signed John Carlson football card with certificate of authenticity. Note: it's his Notre Dame, not Seahawks, card. Still, it's free to you if you kick booty. You know you want it.