Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seahawks Cap Room Entering the Draft

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike "You probably shouldn't rely on this" Florio has posted a look at every team's cap space as it stands today. The NFC West appears to be doing alright with the exception of the Cardinals (3rd least space) and 49ers (4th most).

Here are the NFC West teams:

Cardinals - $1.29 million
Seahawks - $7.41 million
Rams - $10.67 million
49ers - $26.11 million

What does this all mean? Well, most obviously that the Cardinals will be cutting a few people right after the draft. Everyone expects Edgerrin James to be the first one out the door.

Additionally, the Seahawks might look to cut a guy or two. If the Hawks were to draft Crabtree, for example, don't be shocked if they unload some of the other WRs to free up some cap room. (Well, even if they don't, they'll still unload some of them.) Cutting someone like Mare (sorry, I like him too guys, but it looks like Coutu is going to be the guy this year) could free up a million or two without much impact on the team.

Look for the 49ers to potentially continue adding free agents and, with that much cap space, don't be shocked to see them trade up into the top 7 to sign Sanchez if he's available (not that a #10 pick is cheap, but a top ten QB will be very expensive).