Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seahawks Take the Field on Tues

by: Michael Steffes

If you weren't aware, the 2009 season officially gets under way this week when the Seahawks hold a veteran mini camp. This is the extra camp allotted to them because of the change in head coaches. The current players will be there to start getting a feel for the changes that will be implemented in 09'.

Eric Williams of the TNT has posted a ten-pack of questions heading into the camp right here. He addresses many of the key issues such as....

  • How much does Matty have left?
  • Who will replace JP?
  • How will Mora handle the spotlight?
  • And that this team is now Ruskell's, for better or for worse
It is a good primer for some of the big questions that the Seahawks need to answer this year. The Hawks are going to have plenty of big name players sitting this one out as well, including Patrick Kerney, Walter Jones, and Nate Burleson. And don't count out the effect of the new coaching staff seeing how the current players perform affecting draft day decisions.

If the young receivers come in and have a strong mini camp, does that eliminate the possibility of drafting a receiver high? Or if Jamar Adams and CJ Wallace seem to have taken steps forward, will that push safety down on the list? You can expect guys like Kyle Williams,Steve Vallos and Mansfield Wrotto to be working as starters. If they appear solid and comfortable in the scheme will the Hawks again wait until the second day to start taking linemen?

One thing is for sure. Both the players and the fans should be excited to put 08' behind them and start fresh on 2009. END