Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seahawks to bring in Punter for Tryout?

by: Michael Steffes

The Redskins cut last years punter, Derrick Frost, yesterday in favor of a rookie. Frost wasn't too pleased, essentially claiming that Vinny Ceratto was keeping the draft picks to bolster his own resume, especially after the Skins have been disappointed with several rookies this year. Why does this matter?

Well, Frost told the Washington Post that he has a tryout with the Seahawks scheduled for Tuesday. Maybe this is nothing, but regardless it is worth mentioning.

Frost was the one punter who was statistically worse than Plackemeier in almost every category last year. Also, the team just sent Reggie Hodges packing, who had kicked well in the preseason. That seems to suggest that Plackemeier is healthy and ready to go.

This could just be the Seahawks keeping up with players that are available, in case something should come up. Maybe we will hear more about what is going on when the team gets back together to get ready for Buffalo next week. ~END~