Monday, August 18, 2008

Should the Team Start Justin Forsett?

by: Michael Steffes

No, no, not week 1, but next week in San Diego. Justin Forsett has been nothing short of a revelation so far in the preseason. He seems to have forced his way onto the final 53 man roster at this point. So why is coach Holmgren waffling on whether or not he will make the team?

Because Coach Holmgren knows there is a big difference between running in the first half of a game and running in the second. This is further amplified during the preseason because the second half is usually comprised of a mix-mash defensive unit, usually made up of young players trying to make the team, just like Forsett.

The answer to this riddle is simple. The Seahawks would benefit from giving Forsett some snaps with the first team offense next week in San Diego. If anything, give him Morris' carries. The team should know what it has in Morris. They need to be sure of what they are seeing in Forsett. The Chargers have a good interior defense. They also go against a small back, Darren Sprowles, every day in practice. If Forsett rips through them like hurricane, well than that forces the teams hand. If he doesn't, then it will clarify why coach is so reluctant to just say he is too good to cut. ~END~