Thursday, August 28, 2008

Issac Bruce Predicts 8 in 08'

by: Michael Steffes

You might think he is being so bold to predict 8 wins and .500 season for the Niners, and you would be wrong.
Issac Bruce is on record predicting the 49ers offense will score 8 touchdowns a game this season. Yup 8 TDs, 56 points. Bruce says that the 49er offense compares favorably to the Rams offense at the end of the last decade. Yeah, you know, "The Greatest Show on Turf."

Here is what I think. I think that a little preseason success has gone straight to the Niners heads. They wouldn't score 8 touchdowns in a game if they were allowed 12 players on offense. And Bruce, he should know better than anyone, he was in this division last year. Obviously he was sleeping while the Rams played this team last year, or else he would know that the talent isn't there.

The 49ers are going to be playing Bruce, who is 70 years old, Bryant Johnson, who never took advantage of numerous opportunities in AZ, and then a rookie and a 2nd year guy at receiver. Oh...and JT O'SULLIVAN is the QUARTERBACK!

Here is my advice... shut your trap Ike, you're making a fool out of yourself, just like John Kitna did last year after a little preseason success under Martz. Wake up... nobody is game planning for Martzie boys offense. When they do.... it ain't that hard to stop!~END~