Friday, August 29, 2008

Chad Johnson will never be a Seahawk

by: Chris Sullivan

Despite what Steffes' April Fools joke may have tricked you into believing... even if we traded for a disgruntled showboating WR from Cincinatti, it would not be Chad Johnson, no way, no how. Why not?

Because the assclown legally changed his name to Chad OchoCinco. This has been joked about, even rumored, for a few weeks now, but Mr. Masking-tape-on-Hall-of-Fame-Jacket has taken it to a new level, and appears to be doing everything in his power to make sure the Hall of Fame never takes him seriously, regardless of stats.

And, since this is only a BARELY Seahawk related post, I'll make up for it later with a picture of a coworker wearing an enormous Deion Branch jersey... note: he is about 5'7", 150 lbs and it's an XXL jersey. Heh heh. END POST