Friday, August 29, 2008

Audition Night

by: Michael Steffes

Well, folks, we made it. Tonight is the last exhibition game, and then we are on to 2008! Almost time to shock the world. In the meantime, the Seahawks are still trying to decide who will have a spot on this train towards Tampa. The only thing standing in the way....The Raiders.

Here are the players I think are important to watch tonight, as they will all be battling for the one or two undecided spots.

Baratka Atkins> Atkins could really use a standout performance, much like TJ Duckett had last week. It still may not be enough. What is going against him has been the surprising consistency of Jason Babin. He has recorded a sack in each of the first three preseason games. Unfortunately, consistency has never been Baratka's strong suit. If they keep them both, that will be 10 defensive linemen, which is not unheard of, but might hamper the offensive players needed.

Jamar Adams> Adams is on the bubble for the final DB spot. It is unlikely they keep both him and Wallace though because of the situation on the other side of the ball. Some of the fans think he will get snatched up, but those who cover the team seem to think Adams is destined for the practice squad. It is hard to pin this one down, because both he and Wallace have had ordinary preseasons. That's why the guys who watch practice probably know best.

Ben Obamanu or Logan Payne> If I am Ben Obamanu I am little more worried than I am letting on. He told Jose Romero that he is confident he will make the team, but I am not so sure. If Forsett makes the team, and is set to handle punt returns, then Obamanu doesn't add much. Both he and Payne are accomplished run blockers on the outside, and Payne was in on a bunch of tackles last week, which is a good sign. Plus, at least we see him during games. Obamanu has barely been visible.

Brandon Coutu> Coutu will be back in action tonight, and he still has a good chance to make the team. Mare missed a long kick last week, so if Brandon buries a few then maybe he gets the call. If there is a way to get him through to the PS it would be worth it, but kickers are tricky. Of course, it seems as if a few kickers will be become available Saturday so there is a good shot. Either way, it would be great if Coutu just wowed us all tonight. ~END~