Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four Starters Return

by: Michael Steffes

Thank the lord!

Hass, Lock, Kerney, and Leonard Weaver all returned to practice this morning. Breathe a bit easier Seahawk Addicts. In fact, the only two injuries that worry the Walrus are Bobby and Spencer, and with fair reason. Apparently the team has started a new course of treatment on Spencer's back three days ago, and he has gotten better each day.

Clare Farnsworth notes that with Kerney back, Lo Jack stayed with the first team on the right side, with Tapp sliding to the #2 left end. Regardless, they will all be rotating. This situation is fluid at best.

Frank Hughes notes that Brandon Coutu had a bad day. I am going to continue to make a push to take Mare and be done with it. Dehaven said he doesn't thing Coutu will ever be at the top of the league in kickoff distance. That is enough for me. Use another 7th next year and see if you find lighting in a bottle, but for now lets fill his roster spot with an able body (editors note: I am willing to wait until after this weekends game, but he better show me something). ~END~