Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lofa's MRI and Other Notes

by: Michael Steffes

Clare Farnsworth says that coach will discuss it after practice today, but he is hearing unofficial word that it is OK, just bruised and sore. Very good news. Lofa is a gamer, he should be ready to go week one if this is the case.

Also, in Clare's main piece for his distinguished paper, he has a quote from Holmgren regarding TJ Duckett. I just thought I would pass it along....

"I wanted him to touch it. I know a little bit more about Duckett, how he plays," Holmgren said. "I have to find out what the fit's going to be."

Unless Holmgren is including the waiver wire as a place he fits(sarcasm), it certainly seems like Duckett is staying. This is what I am talking about when I say that the team is evaluating Duckett on his performance in previous NFL regular season games. They know what they have there, and they signed him for a reason. In fact, I expect to see this team feature the new look running game a lot for the first few weeks. So far some good defenses have had trouble stopping it this preseason, It will be interesting to see how SF and STL fair, right? Like a hot knife through butter, baby! ~END~