Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If You Ask Sports Illustrated....

by: Michael Steffes

Then the Dallas Cowboys will be coming to Qwest for a Wild Card game, and winning.

Sports Illustrated released their 2008 season preview today, and really it looks more like 2004. They have the Eagles v Pats in the Superbowl. Here is a look-see at how they see the season shaping up. Seahawks 9-7, but win their division, and then lose to Dallas in the WC game at Qwest.

It could be worse I guess, in the actual team preview, which unlike NFL.COM's, who can't get players names right or seem to figure out that Spencer has been starting for a while, SI actually has their facts down. They also seem to acknowledge the Hawks have a chance at the Superbowl, which is a fair assessment.

The preview focuses heavily on the revamped running attack. In fact, when they mention the wide receivers in passing, it is too talk about the receivers commitment to run blocking. The also say we have good special teams. Glad to hear that, right, only it shows they haven't watched the Hawks much lately. I shouldn't be so harsh, but last year was a semi-disaster as far the kicking game goes. Anyway, peruse at your leisure.... ~END~