Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inactive List

by: Michael Steffes

As in, I am on it. Hopefully all of you are fairing better than me, not only I am ill, but I am not finding it easy to be able to watch this game, which is a shame. As far as I know, if you are outside of the Seahawks local area (or Bears), you have to wait until tomorrow morning on NFLN to watch this sucker. I could listen to it on Sirius in my car, but I still would be at the mercy of the play by play. Anyway, if coverage of the game is light, I apologize in advance. If this cold medicine has its way, I may not have a choice to find out what happened until tomorrow.

For those who are looking for updates/conversation, Chris is supposed to activate a chat room like last week before he heads to Qwest. If any out of towners have found a way to listen/watch the game on the web please pass it along. ~END~