Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matt Leinart officially a bust

by: Chris Sullivan

This appears to be the week of the first-round QB busts in the NFC West. Chris Mortenson over at ESPN is reporting that Kurt "$5.55 breakfast at Dennys" Warner will be named the starting quarterback in Arizona. This should effectively end Matt Leinart's tenure with the Cardinals, in my opinion. He snorted and snuffed about being put on the IR last year (when it appears he may not have needed to be on it). Will he accept a role as a backup or demand a trade?

This comes just days after the 49ers elected to go with undrafted, untested, 0-career-starts JT O'Sullivan as starter over 1st overall pick Alex Smith. Thank God we're not playing in one of those towns, or Dalton Bell would be heading out to the field on September 7...

(ht to Tom and Mike Sando on the tip)