Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holmgren on Forsett and Duckett [UPDATED]

by: Chris Sullivan

So, Frank Hughes has got a nice piece over at the TNT blog about some of Holmgren's responses re: the Forsett and Duckett conundrum.

I think as fans we tend to understate the difficulty of this decision. It seems for the most part people are divided at the polls -- Forsett is amazing and has proven a lot or Forsett has proven nothing because he's running against 3rd stringers. The answer, as always, probably lies in the middle. I hope to see J-Force getting more carries earlier on come Monday, so we can see whether or not his performance in the last two games were representative or not. We might not see that.

Holmgren did say that he believes Forsett will be picked up off waivers if we cut him, which is something we've been saying for awhile. I believe he makes the team as the special teams back. I do not, however, necessarily buy into the idea that Duckett gets cut, though at this point, I think its better to take the upside of Forsett than TJ. That could, of course, change over the next two games. Just for fun though, here's Forsett's combine profile.

UPDATE: Also from Hughes, a bit on Forsett from the eyes of Mr. Bruce Dehaven, special teams coach extraordinaire:

DeHaven really likes Justin Forsett as a returner. He runs hard, doesn't go down on the first hit, is sometimes difficult for opponents to see and is very tough. He said Nate Burleson is definitely out as a returner if he is going to be No. 1 receiver.