Friday, August 15, 2008

Holmgren's Daughter Gets Heave-Ho

by: Michael Steffes

Check out this little story from the AP....

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren says he doesn't know much about fantasy football leagues, now a national obsession and booming industry.

But Calla, one of his four daughters, does.

"My daughter, who's a doctor in Salt Lake City, she captained one of the fantasy teams and then was thrown out of the league because of 'inside information.' But I will say, she was clean," the 60-year-old Holmgren said, chuckling. "It was the appearance.

"She did not phone me about it. And she was very upset about it. But she knows football, as all my girls do."

How funny! Its not as if any of the Seahawk players, well except maybe Matt, are going to be mission critical to fantasy leagues. Still, I would be afraid that after kicking out one of his daughters, an angry red-faced walrus would show up on my doorstep demanding attribution. I wonder what service she used?

Anyway... this also gives me a chance to round up the final few people for the Seahawk Addicts fantasy league. Currently we have two 16 team expert leagues, the second of which still needs a few people. I will be participating in both of them, and I know you all want a piece of me, so follow the instructions in the right side bar and email LonestarHawk. Lets get it on! Also, for those more casual players, make sure you are in the salary cap league, where everyone gets to use their favorite Seahawks! See you on the fantasy gridiron folks! ~END~