Friday, August 22, 2008

More Thoughts on Keeping 6 Running Backs

by: Michael Steffes

I just listened to Mitch Levy and Clare Farnsworth break down the roster and set up the final 53. It was an interesting experience. In the end they have the team keeping 6 running backs, something I think is almost certain to happen at this point. They have the team going Jordan Kent over Logan Payne, which I think is possibility. They didn't really consider the option of PUPing Branch, which I am feeling pretty certain is going to happen as well. Levy said that neither player is eligible for the PUP, but that is flat wrong, Deion is. That shores up the big questions, but Mitch Levy poised an interesting angle.

What is the point of keeping Duckett if he is going be deactivated every week? Mitch says they may as well cut him, because the PR hit of keeping a guy who got 4 mil guaranteed deactivated is the same as cutting him. It is an interesting point from a PR stand point, but how about this? Lets take a look back at the Giants of last year. The Hawks have semi-modeled their defensive line style, why not their running backs too.

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Last year the Giants were faced with some difficult decisions in this department. In the end the traded Ryan Grant for a 6th round pick. They kept Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Ruben Droughns, and Amahad Bradshaw. They also put Danny Ware on the PS, and he looks like a keeper so far this preseason, but that is here nor there. The point is that all of those backs got in and contributed to the Giants last year. Running Backs get banged up. And the Hawks are running with a few guys who have missed games in the past. They are also both guys who need to be complemented, they don't take 30 carries a game. Forsett, we don't know how much he can handle, but from what we have seen, he isn't going for 4 quarters with out any help, especially if he is returning kicks too. So.... chances are all six will get carries throughout the season.

Duckett also gives another big body to provide insurance for the FB position. Weaver and Schmitt are at a position that takes a pounding. There are no guarantees they will play all 16 games. The last thing this team, or fan base, could stand is another year of an ineffective rushing attack. Injuries are partially to blame for the last two years, as well as the decline of the feature back. They go hand and hand. Having one more running back than we need, may end up a damn fine move. I the only person in the world who realizes that Mansfield Wrotto wasn't on the practice squad last year? Farnsworth talked about him being on the PS last year. I have seen it written as well. It is not true. He was the inactive linemen most weeks, but he wasn't on the practice squad. Sorry to throw this in here, but for some reason it just digs in my craw when I hear that mis-perception.