Friday, August 15, 2008

"Its Now Time"

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Sando has written a new "camp confidential". Check it out. He talks mentions the team slogan... "Its now time".

Sando notes at the bottom that Brandon Coutu probably has the edge in a close race because he is younger and the team invested a pick in him. I still don't see it this way.

I want Coutu to be the kicker. I want him to beat out Mare. It just doesn't seem like he is doing it... to me. Even if it is a one year stint, go with the vet. Wasting a seventh rounder means nothing. If the Hawks were sure that there was a "special" kicker in the draft, they would have taken him earlier. Maybe there is next year.

Coutu still has time to impress. The main roster cuts don't come for two weeks, but his kickoffs, in a dome, were not good last week. He nailed a long field goal at the scrimmage, but missed shorter ones. I am willing to throw away last year in Mare's assessment, and go with how he is kicking "now". Mainly, because "now" is what this should be all about. ~END~