Monday, August 18, 2008

Something to Chew On

by: Michael Steffes

One thing that certainly shouldn't go unnoticed in this preseason is the Hawks recent success with 7th rounders. It is quite remarkable actually. Going back, over the last three drafts, the 7th round has been very friendly to the Hawks.

In 2006, the team took both Ryan Plackemeier and Ben Obamanu.

In 2007, the team took Steve Vallos, who appears to be a future contributer to this team for sure. He is almost a lock to be the back up center now this year, clearly improving his stead throughout the offseason.

In 2008, the team took Brandon Coutu and Justin Forsett. I know, it is only preseason, but both have a decent shot of sticking with the team.

It is a remarkable run. Most teams just expect that they will cut their 7th rounders. Especially playoff teams. In fact, even with specialists, if they are expected to stick in the league they are taken in the 5th or 6th.

One other reason that this is fun to note, is that if you followed this blog through the offseason, you know I am predicting several late round compensation picks next year. Imagine if we give Mr. Ruskell 3 or 4 seventh rounders to play with, right? ~END~