Thursday, August 28, 2008

Breakdowns and Bold(?) Predictions

by: Mike Parker

Yet another NFC West breakdown has come through, this time in print publication ESPN: The Magazine. Check it out and see if you agree with statements like this:

..."but replacing K Josh Brown with Olindo Mare will haunt them, like when the Rams - who signed Brown - come to town."
Hold on a minute. Do they not realize Brown left Seattle to a division rival for $15.2 million instead of the $15 million offered to him by Ruskell & co? It could be just me, but that phrasing seems...suspect.

And for the record, the noise level at Qwest this season when Josh Brown even so much as gets on the field will be detectable from space.

Besides that, though, the breakdown for the Seahawks seems pretty reasonable, with the usual areas of scrutiny coming into question. (Weak/unproven WR corps, Julius Jones' capability as a starter, suspect O-line.)

But I have to say, it was nice reading something about the team that didn't include the words "Steve Hutchinson." Could this be a subtle sign of respect? Or at least, a pedestrian knowledge of Seahawk personnel that isn't as current as 2005? Who knows.

What I do know:

-Seven days until the NFL 2008 opener,
-Three days and 22 hours until the Seahawk Addicts Fantasy League draft,
-Ten days until the Seahawks roll into Buffalo and over the Bills. Predictions on the final score, anyone? I say 24-14. -END-