Friday, August 15, 2008

Lets talk Super Bowl...

by: Chris Sullivan

Alright, alright, so this might be a little bit presumptive, but lets all assume for a second that the Hawks are going to be in the Super Bowl this year. I can think of a lot of good story lines going in, which I think we all know is how the NFL tries to play this... Which story is strongest?

a) Seahawks vs. Jets -- I think we all know that this one is pretty unlikely, but bear with me. In a Hawks - Jets match up we would have Mike Holmgren, the guru who crafted Favre from southern-boy clay, facing off on the biggest stage against his protege. Additionally, Favre's former backup, Matthew, has a shot at redemption and once and for all emerging from the shadow of his former idol... odds of this matchup: 1/32, odds of winning, 7/8

b) Seahawks vs. Patriots -- We were all expecting a drop-off for the SB42 losers, but they came back more determined than ever, going into the Superbowl with a 17-0-1 record (including the epic December 7 tie). They now have a second consecutive chance to go undefeated, but against the only team that put up a fight. Can they do it? The bad part about this matchup is that the Hawks are left out of the storyline...odds of this matchup: 1/8, odds of winning in this matchup? 1/4

c) Seahawks vs. Colts -- On the ultimate stage, two legendary coaches take their final bow, with their successors at their side. Add in some underrated running backs, pro-bowl quarterbacks, and stellar defenses, and you've got a match. I think this is the most likely storyline the NFL will pursue, and the plus is that there wouldn't really be much of a bias either way... if there is, I'd say it goes to Holmgren, but thats just me. Odds of the matchup: 1/4, odds of winning 1/2.

What say YOU oh Addicts of Seahawkia? END