Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seneca Grades Out as one of the Top Backups

by: Michael Steffes

More from SI, and this time it is favorable. Don Banks has ranked all 32 backup QBs. Seneca Wallace is ranked as the 6th best back up. Here is what Banks says....

This is probably higher than most would have Wallace, but I'm fairly sold on the ex-Iowa State star, who threw for three touchdowns a couple weeks back against Minnesota. I know this much: After his preseason showing this year, Charlie Frye isn't beating out Wallace for the Seahawks No. 2 job.
Personally, this makes me wonder if Banks has watched Wallace before that one performance, but I do not disagree with his ranking. My feelings are that Seneca is one of the best backups around. One of his best traits is that he doesn't put pressure on the starting QB. Hasselbeck is firmly entrenched, as is Wallace. By knowing their roles they are able to help each other and make QB a position of strength for the Seahawks.

Also funny to note, Alex Smith grades out as one of the worst back ups in the league. Ha!~END~