Monday, August 25, 2008

If you Haven't Seen...

by: Michael Steffes

Peter King wrote his Monday Morning QB article about the most underrated team in the NFL, with the most underrated coach; Your Seattle Seahawks. Check it out.

King rightfully puts Seattle up against New England to show that these have been two of the most successful franchises in the last few years. We say that all the time, but a lot more people read Peter King than Seahawk Addicts, so it is nice to see.

He also says Seattle will win 10 or 11 games. I think that is a safe bet. I expect them to add a few to that, especially with the way the season is shaping up so far. I could easily see them at 4-0 now, and from there almost anything is possible.

Mostly the article focuses on Holmy. We all love Holmgren, and this article really accentuates why. King points out how great he really is, but just like the city he coaches in, he gets overlooked. Everyone assumes Seattle was an afterthought on his career, but really GB was just a stepping stone to get here. Is he really bitter about losing his GM powers? Maybe he was, but I don't think he is anymore. Secretly, I think he would tell you that he is too emotional, too caring to be a GM. It got him into trouble. My guess is that he likes Ruskell to make cold blooded decisions, and then he doesn't lose any face with the players he coaches and cares for.

Kudos for King! He didn't mention the WR's, the new look running game, or the loss of Hutch. And he only mentioned the "lame duck" kind of jokingly. He does a good job with this piece. Thankfully, he doesn't pick us to go to the Superbowl like he did last year. ~END~