Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seahawks Win... Seahawks Win

by: Michael Steffes

In a sloppy game from both teams, the Seahawks won an overtime thriller (if you can call any preseason game that), 29-26. There was a lot of ups and downs in this game, and I will do my best to breakdown the performances. In my mind, a lot of things changed today.

I am going to start with Charlie Frye. He was the Charlie Frye we know. Sometimes he looked capable of being an NFL starter, and other times he was god awful. He practically handed the Bears the majority of their points. That said, he led the team back in the second half, tied the score and even brought the team a W, playing the entire time. He is a good 3rd QB. He is not going to supplant Seneca, but he still likely makes the team. After the season will be the big decision on Frye.

The kickers both helped themselves out a lot. Almost to the point that I would endorse keeping them both. Mare bombed kicks deep into the endzone all night, making the coverage unit look like the only decent special teams unit. Coutu hit all of his kicks, including an overtime game winner. What else can you ask? This is going to be a tough decision. Hopefully Coutu can improve his kickoffs.

Justin Forsett is a small man, but he is a MAN. That guy can run. In fact, the consensus in the chat room seemed to be that he is the best running back the team has. He also showed he is a heck of a return man. He is going to make this team. The question is what the heck to do with the other guys? Forsett put up a huge night, including several big runs in OT to set up the win. Its too late, he can no longer be a practice squad guy. TJ Duckett should be worried. He still has yet to do anything special, including taking 3 tries to ram it in from the 2.

Jordan Kent and Logan Payne both had good nights. They were the only two WR's we heard from. Well, actually, Bumpus had a catch or two and Taylor almost caught a long TD in the first series. Kent appeared to be Frye's favorite target, and he made some nice catches, but there were two TD possibilities I would have liked to see him haul in. Payne mostly appeared in the 2nd half. He made some catches and battled for yards afterwards. Not bad for a guy who has a cracked rib.

Finally, John Carlson. The tight end position is not solved just yet. Carlson had several false starts, a holding penalty, and the Hawks broadcasters said it appeared if Holmgren was putting the int that was returned for TD on Carlson. Holmgren, apparently, was not very pleased. Expect it to be a rough week for Johnny boy. It will be more interesting to see how he responds next week.

Thats all for now. I may see more when I watch the NFLN broadcast tomorrow. Hope all those who went enjoyed the game. ~END~