Saturday, August 30, 2008

Questions to be Answered?

by: Michael Steffes

Here are the big questions that will be answered by 3 pm today....hopefully.

1) To PUP or not to PUP. Coach says Deion Branch "might" start practicing next week. They thought he "might" start practicing two weeks after straining his foot last year too. He ended up missing 4 games (5 weeks with the bye). The fact is that Branch hasn't really proved to be a quick healer. Even if the team only plans to use him for a small complement of snaps, it is not a certain he will be playing anytime soon.

2) Who will return punts and kickoffs? If the team is really going to cut Forsett for the sake of another WR, then somebody has to return kicks. Josh Wilson is one, but can he return punts? If he can we haven't seen it. Also, Nasty Nate is still on this team, but does the staff have the faith to use him? An injury to Nate would be devastating, but he has become one of the better returners in the league. Dark horse candidate is Seneca Wallace, but that takes serious faith. The options are not good right now. Maybe Ruskell will swing a trade for Kirtman or Atkins?

3) Who is the kicker? Do kick offs win out over draft status and youth? They should, but this team hasn't shown a deep dedication to having the best kicking game possible, so I am not counting out either choice.

4) Wallace or Adams? This has actually become the least of my concerns as far as decisions go. Either will do fine in a limited role. My guess is still Wallace. I don't believe that Adams would be claimed. He hasn't stood out in any of the last three games, and teams have already passed on him before. ~END~