Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Roster Battles

by: Michael Steffes

After last night, here a couple quick impressions of what I previously thought were the fights for the final 53....

Frye. Made the team for sure. Might even have earned some respect around the league. Is he the QB of the future, when Matt's deal is up? Will Seneca be split wide in week 1? Both good questions going forward.

Babin, take him. Sorry Baratka, but you just haven't distinguished yourself. You came to the team with a questionable work ethic, and you are being outworked and outplayed by a guy who doesn't want his career to end. Don't worry, you will most likely have a job this year, maybe closer to home.

CJ Wallace. He is in. He was in on the goal line situations and seemed to be playing fairly well. The only time I saw Adams was when he was trying to catch up to the play Hobbs was called for PI on. You will make it to the practice squad, I am confident. We will see you next year, and you have a career in front of you.

Duckett and Forsett. This is not a fight, no matter how many beat writers say it is. Duckett did not make the team last night, and Forsett isn't getting cut. They are both here to stay, and the Seahawks will be better for the depth. Running back is a position a team can get thin at real quick, and the Hawks can't afford that.

Obamanu v Payne v Kent. As of now, this is still in the air. The last spot is between Obo and Logan, if they don't PUP Branch. If they do I think there is space for both, for now. At least Payne gets seen during games. Obomanu has had one catch for 5 yards this preseason. Payne was in on 4 or 5 special teams tackles last night, along with being targeted several times. The QBs didn't do him any favors, Frye nearly got him killed and Seneca's pick was 10 feet over his head. If it comes down to one or the other, the fact that there is a chance Payne could get to the practice squad may play a role. If I use that theory with the safeties, it has to be considered here. That said, do you want a guy who goes all out on special teams or a guy with one extra year in the system and regular season experience. Only coach and TR could tell you which they prefer. ~END~