Friday, August 22, 2008

Matt Still Out, Others Put in Full Practice

by: Michael Steffes

Matt missed another practice today and coach Holmgren admitted he will not be traveling to or playing this weekend in San Diego (stay classy). Hasselbeck is reportedly feeling much better though. It will be the Charlie Frye show part 2. That is exciting in its own right, and we can dive into that later.

The most important news was that Spencer, Red Bryant, and Jeb Putzier FULLY participated in practice today; hittin' and everything. This is great news in my book. Bryant may be contributing sooner than we thought, and Spencer could see game action this week. Bonus!

As for the QB situation, well we get to see how Charlie responds to watching his performance and receiving a little coaching. If he performs much better, well than clearly he will be worth holding on to. If Mon. night is a replay of the Bears game or worse, well then maybe roster spots won't be so hard to come by. Wait and see... ~END~