Monday, August 25, 2008

Bits of Wisdom from Emmitt

by: Michael Steffes

"If the Seahawks are planning on getting off to a good opening season this year, they defintely need to start working on that tonight or next week. That means start running the football with the guys."

Also Keyshaun isn't buying the Seahawks. "Who are the wide receivers? Who is the running backs? and who is the head coach?"

Ahhhhhhhhh. The hate being spewed by Keyshaun and Cris Carter is palpable. Just the way we like it. Good thing to know the only two Countdown guys with brains, Berman and Jackson, have the Seahawks back.

UPDATE!!!!!: Kornhole didn't take the RV west and will not be in the booth tonight. Things are looking up already!