Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Veteran Wide Receiver Talk

by: Michael Steffes

I really didn't want to do this. I would think that many of you have already reached this conclusion. However... there were a lot of comments about Joe Horn. Several people emailed me as well. So let me put this out there, Joe Horn isn't going to be a Seahawk.

First, there is a talent issue. This isn't the Joe Horn you saw torching the NFC South 4 or 5 years ago. He has long since lost that ability. He hasn't played a full season since 2004, his receptions have declined each of the last three years bottoming out last year at 27, and with this his average yards per catch declined to a career low 9.0. More after the jump....

On top of this, I saw it suggested that Joe Horn was a "character" guy. He is not a bad guy, but a character is a better way to describe him. This guy once pulled a cell phone out from under the goal post after a touchdown. Lame! Also, all he has done since being given a sweetheart deal in Atlanta is moan and whine about wanting to get released or traded. Granted, he expected to be playing with a different QB, but still, Seattle has worked hard to keep those guys out of the locker room.

Finally, for those who would sign Joe Horn, or any vet, who do you want to get rid of? Right now, it seems almost certain that one of Obamanu, Kent, or Payne will have to be included in the final cuts. If not, an NFL quality player at another position will be. This team is already trying to find space for a guy like Justin Forsett. The Hawks need to be worried about how to keep all our good young players, not how to add another over-the-hill vet.

Hope this clarifies my position on the subject. As I have said all along, it would be irresponsible for Tim Ruskell not to be looking to improve the roster if he can, but he will only be adding a veteran WR if it is a too good to be true situation.

One that would qualify would be Anquan Boldin, but I have seen fans emailing Mike Sando and heard them calling Sirius NFL Radio, and let me tell you that ain't happening either. AZ makes bad moves from time to time, but that would be epically poor mismanagement. The fans would never forgive them if Boldin ended up in Seahawk Blue.