Monday, August 18, 2008

Charlie Frye and the MMQB

by: Michael Steffes

If any of regularly read Peter Kings Monday Morning Quarterback Article, you may have seen that this morning he mentions Charlie Frye.

Under his 10 Things I Think I Know segment he says this...

Is there a good reason why the Seattle Seahawks should keep Charlie Frye? I can't think of one.

That is a good question. Especially if we all agree now that Seneca Wallace needs to remain the back up and not be run out in a "slash" like role. This team is digging deep into its pocket to come up with extra roster spots, only to keep coming up empty. Is Frye a luxury that we don't need?

I think it comes down to two things. First, how comfortable is Holmgren with only two QBs. They broke camp last year with only two Qbs and until they traded for Frye it was something Holmgren stressed they were trying to rectify. So... could Holmgren sleep at night with only two Qbs? Second, can Charlie Frye be a good QB in the future, assuming the team continues to develop him properly. There is no future starting QB on this roster, post Hasselbeck. Frye was thought of as a promising prospect coming out of the draft and in Cleveland. Does the coaching staff think that he still has promise? If so, they probably keep him. If not, it will be interesting to see if the brass is more concerned about keeping guys like Forsett or Kent who have preformed this preseason, or feeling safe, having a capable third string QB. ~END~