Tuesday, August 19, 2008

11 years of progress

by: Chris Sullivan

On August 19, 1997, the National Football League approved the acquisition of the Seattle Seahawks by Paul Allen. The move was recieved with little fanfare at the time, with some still grumbling over the recently approved football stadium for a team with a history of losing. Where would we be without Paul Allen's purchase?

The most obvious answer, of course, is Los Angeles. Let's ignore that likelihood though... fill the comments with things, good or bad, that came to the Seahawks through Paul Allen. For me, the most obvious, is our new attitude -- not only can we get it done, but we will get it done. Qwest Field, the premiere stadium in the NFL, came to us because of Allen, and did so at a lower-than-typical cost to taxpayers. What else? There's a lot, but I want to give you guys time to reflect too, hah.

(Hat tip to my brother, Tim, who shot me a text regarding the anniversary). END