Sunday, August 24, 2008

Has Duckett Disappointed?

by: Michael Steffes

Hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I think that some fans have a blind spot when looking at TJ Duckett. The more I hear people say he is "overpaid" or under performing, I cringe. How can a player be either of those things when the games and stats don't even count?

First, consider this... Duckett was given his signing bonus based on what he has accomplished in REGULAR season games over his career, not one preseason. Also, Duckett has likely had the impression, whether guaranteed or not, that he has a roster spot. A player performs differently in this situation, because veteran players understand that preseason means nothing. That is not true for a player like Justin Forsett, who has performed well this preseason, while fighting for a roster spot. Its not surprising, his lifelong dream was on the line.

Also, since when did two preseason games become the be-all/end-all for analysis? Do you not remember last year. This was written in roster analysis by Jose Romero.

Weaver can save the team a roster spot because he can play fullback and running back. But he did little to distinguish himself in games and in camp/ A fumble on Saturday hurt his cause, so the team might choose to keep Parry and/or Weeks for insurance.
Do any of you want to go back and cut Leonard Weaver based on last years preseason now? I wouldn't. Some think he has a shot at the pro bowl. Preseason performances mean very little, unless you are fighting for a job. By the way, don't let it escape you that Weaver had a bad preseason and still made the team as expected. The same will be said for Duckett.

In fact there is already a difference between Duckett and Weaver. Last year the coach was ripping Weaver. He said this after the Green Bay game when asked about Weaver...
"We're going to look at the film, and it's the time of year for me that's least fun because we have to make decisions on who stays, who goes."
Here is what he recently said about Duckett, it seems contrary to many of the comments on this blog.
Clearly he has the ability to move the pile. And in short yardage situations, goal line situations, there's real value there.I think he's a better than average pass blocker. So that - there's value there.
Coach doesn't sound disappointed in Duckett. Not nearly as much as he was in Leonard Weaver a year ago. Holmgren is subtly letting you know he wants TJ Duckett, in fact he needs TJ Duckett. My guess is that he has all along. Even if many of you don't. ~END~