Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forsett: Colston or Dorsett?

by: Michael Steffes

In the matter of one little blurb, Don Banks of SI manages to put Justin Forsett in the company of two very good players. Check it out....

This year's early nominee for the Marques Colston out-of-nowhere award goes to Seattle rookie running back Justin Forsett, a seventh-round pick out of Cal who so far has looked like a young Tony Dorsett -- if you'll excuse the rhyme.
I post this at the risk of causing another uproar about Justin Forsett, but I am willing to do so if it helps temper expectations a bit. Forsett is having an unbelievable preseason, but this has happened before. Guys like Amahad Bradshaw and Pierre Thomas were 7th rounders who had big preseasons last year, and then they ended up contributing to their teams. However, they didn't put up Adrian Peterson (or Barry Sanders) like numbers. And there is some validity to the idea that Forsett has been getting his carries late in the preseason games. The level of play is just not the same.

There is a QB for the Jets named Brett Ratliff who has lit up opposing defenses for 400 yards passing as a third stringer, but I assure you no one is suggesting that he ready to become the next Brett Favre. Young guys are playing for a job, while vets are doing what they think is best to get themselves ready for the season, there is a big difference. While I really like Forsett and what he is doing for this team, I caution all of you who are getting swept up in Justin-mania. He still has a long way to go to be a star in this league. ~END~