Saturday, August 16, 2008

Justin Forsett: Player of the Week

by: Chris Sullivan

It's no secret that I've been hoping for a Forsett roster spot, but now I don't see how he gets cut. 15 Rushes, 136 yards (9.1 yard average), 2 KRs for 70 yards and 5 punt returns including his 40 yarder and a 44 yarder that was called back. He just looked fantastic. An excellent game by him, a mediocre game by Jones it seemed like, and Duckett just keeps not really showing up. He got that touchdown, yes, but on his second shot from the one.

Forsett had 261 all purpose yards, and only went down on first contact maybe once. Excellent game--well, excellent second half anyway. Frye looked pretty bad. Not much else there. More coverage will come when I'm home. END