Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Those Heading to Qwest..

by: Michael Steffes

...on Friday for the Raiders game, unfortunately you will not be getting an up close and personal look at man-child JaMarcus Russell. He, along with the majority of the Raiders staring units will not be playing. Hopefully, Mike Holmgren will be following a similar plan.

The only two players who should be on the field with any importance on Friday are Chris Spencer and Red Bryant, both looking for their first preseason action. I would advocate Hasselbeck playing a series or two, but considering the Raider players will all essentially be auditioning for a job with Oak, or any team watching, it probably isn't safe. Especially if the starting line isn't playing, which with a veteran left side, doesn't need the work.

However, don't rule out the possibility that the coaches will want Spencer to work with his starting mates in a last minute attempt to gain some continuity, and thus it is possible that we see some of the starting offense get a series or two. Hopefully, like the Raiders have done, the team will announce its intentions today. ~END~