Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Friends

by: Michael Steffes

If the appeal of the madness that is the Seahawk Addicts chat room, or the fact that the HATED Raiders are in town weren't enough to grab your attention tonight, there are two other nice reasons to watch the game.

Chris Spencer and Red Bryant. Both will be getting playing their first playing time of the preseason tonight. I would only expect to see Spencer in for most of the first quarter. What will be interesting to watch is if the other starters play a few series with him. I hope that is a possibility, at least for Wahle and Sims. It would also be nice to watch the ever popular J-Force get a few carries behind the starters, especially Wahle who is nearly a foot taller than the diminutive Forsett.

As for Red, I think that we may see him in and out the entire game. He will benefit from as much playing time as they can find for him. He hasn't seen NFL action up close yet. Plus, is there any bigger confidence builder than going against the Raiders offensive line? If Bryant plays a decent game, he likely speeds his re-entry into the defensive line rotation. If not, he may not see many minutes until after the bye. ~END~