Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slow day in Seahawk News...

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, as you guys have probably figured out, there's not a whole lot of news going on right now. Holmgren canceled practice today, probably a good idea, really, but it doesn't help us shore up any news or speculation, now does it?

One thing of interest I read earlier, that a lot of us draft watchers might find interesting, is that apparently Kentwan Balmer has impressed almost no one in 49ers camp. Well, maybe thats not fair, but it does not appear like he will be starting at the beginning of the season, or at least, it's not guaranteed. It never ceases to amaze me how well Ruskell appears to read these guys in his draft preparations... all the RBs, DTs, OLs and Tight Ends that we were all so excited about -- and disappointed to see still on the draft board after our pick, some of them -- seem to be doing moderately well at best. Balmer, Fred Davis, Martellus Bennett (to name a few) have all disappointed, whereas pretty much everyone of our draft picks have performed or even surprised us with their excellence (here's lookin at you, J-Force!).

What do you think the best draft pick of the Ruskell era has been? Worst? Strangest? END POST