Sunday, August 17, 2008

Three Things to Cross Off the Worry List

by: Michael Steffes

In re-watching the game this morning, I am feeling a lot more comfortable with a few things that worried me about the Seahawks this year. I thought I would share. Feel free to give your thoughts, I have been watching this game a post NyQuil haze, as I paid the price for hanging out all night in the chat room with you crazy Hawk addicts.

1) Marcus Trufant- From what I heard, saw online, etc last night it seemed that Marcus remained off his game, but in watching the NFLN Broadcast this morning, he made his fair share of quality plays as well. If anything, it looked as if Brandon Lloyd was actually good again last night, abusing both Marcus and Kelly at times. For some reason that guy hates the Hawks. Anyway, Marcus looked fine, he had a busy offseason and I now have the utmost confidence he will be Pro Bowl Marcus by the start of the year.

2) Linebacker depth- Heading into the draft, and even into the preseason, I was EXTREMELY worried about linebacker depth. Lofa would have ranked right up with Matt on guys that absoulutely can not get hurt if we want to win this year. Now... not so much. I am that comfortable with David Hawthorne. They mentioned that he already has a masters degree. I am sure this has something to do with how he has picked up the system so quick. On top of that, he has an nose for the ball and is a sure tackler. He doesn't quite have Lofa's coverage skills, but with our secondary, it can be covered up.

3) Special Teams- I know they looked awful last night. Two blocked punts, are you kidding me? Anyway, in re-watching the game, there were actually a lot of positives. The kickers are both NFL caliber. The return game is stellar enough that Nate can be taken off his duties, assuming "Youngnastyman" (Thanks DKSB) makes the team. On top of that, with Hawthorne, DD Lewis, Adams or Wallace, Hobbs, Atkins, Schmitt, etc, the team has some really athletic and talented back ups. This has the makings of a good special teams group, once they figure out who will be where. I expect them to look top notch in the fourth game, heading towards week 1.